Now there's an easy to use, comprehensive, resource and referral solution for everyone, that any community can afford.

Everything You Need

Our system includes everything you need to launch a comprehensive Resource and Referral solution for your entire community, no matter what your needs are.

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A Fresh Approach

Built from the ground up to be different, the EZSHS platform is much more than a directory of services. Learn how our system takes a proactive approach to community well-being.

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Inclusive And Preventative

Don't just respond to problems, help prevent them!
EZSHS provides self or aided assessment tools for all ages,
helping everyone in your community live happier and
healthier lives.

From Grandparents to Grand kids, your
community will learn about resources
available to them, and through our unique
analysis software, discover new services and opportunities they were unaware of, all while building a personal success plan.

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Help, In Any Language

EZSHS supports an innovative blend
of human and real-time translation
that is easily extensible to any language.

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