Our Mission

"Provide an easy to use resource and referral program that is accessible for any community and embraces prevention, education, and inclusion."
For over ten years we've been working with families, service providers, community resources and leaders, to build a solution that helps the community efficiently find and access the resources available to it. During this time, we've listened and learned what is important to everyone in the process, and EZSHS is the result.

Our goal always has been, and always will be, to help everyone in a community discover the world of resources available to them, and be a guiding beacon when someone is lost and looking for hope.

EZSHS is the result of collaboration between neighbors, doctors, social workers, community leaders, volunteers, engineers, and families just like yours. It something we believe in, because we're families too.

"Because We're Families Too"

Quick Facts

  • 97% user satisfaction rate
  • Managed, cloud based system
  • Built for privacy and confidentiality
  • Deploy in a single day
  • Fully customizable
  • Valuable data for resource allocation
  • Fundraising options built-in
  • Covers all ages, all demographics
  • Adaptable to community initiatives
  • Profiling, Education, Robust Search
  • Integrates with major search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

How We Help

Connect families with resources they know they need, then help them discover needs and resources they were unaware of. Address needs proactively and reactively, and ensure efficient delivery of services.

Reach Everyone

Needs come in all shapes and sizes

A community is inclusive, so shouldn't your resource and referral be too?

EZSHS offers a wide variety of profiles, portals, and options to provide information and resources to everyone from families in crisis to summer programs, from Senior care to women's health.

EZHS easily adapts to changing community needs and engages the entire community, not just one population.