The EZSHS Solution

Easy to use, feature rich, quantifiable value, and ready for the future.

EZSHS is a managed, web-based solution that works well as a stand-along resource and referral site, as a call-center / guided assistance solution, or as a complement to existing systems.

Our system is a platform that offers a range of modules and features centered on helping families and individuals identify resources they need or want, and connect with resource providers, as efficiently as possible. In addition, EZSHS provides a wealth of valuable information for community planners, such as service/need distribution, resource planning data, and more.

EZSHS: The User's Perspective

Families browse to your site using any standard web browser, on a home PC, tablet or phone. Alternatively, many communities offer kiosks in public locations, provider's offices, and schools.

Once connected, the system user selects the language and begins by providing some basic, and optional, information about themselves, such as their zip code and whether or not they'd like to use the system anonymously, or make an account. EZSHS was designed with privacy in mind, and works seamlessly if users prefer to remain anonymous.

User's are now taken to their Profile and Plan page, where they can choose to search for services using the integrated search engine, or complete a profile. Different portals (children, teens, adults, seniors, etc.) offer different profiles to reflect the different needs and concerns of these unique groups.

A profile asks simple questions to the user, and adapts to the user's responses to drill-down into needs. For example, a user may answer "yes" that they are pregnant. By doing this, the profile would automatically include questions about pre-natal care and woman's wellness. User's are free to answer as many of the profile questions as they wish.

When done responding, the system analyzes the user's responses and using an advanced matching algorithm, presents the user with a list of services that they may be interested in receiving. Based on historic data, the system can predict that users are likely to need other services, and then present those options to the user so they can learn about them and make an informed decision.

Users can then select services they are interested in an see a list of providers, sorted by a range of criteria, that can provide services. Services range from traditional medical or social services to community activities and programs, or even volunteering opportunities.

Each program is listed with relevant information, including contacts, description, eligibility, location and more. Directions are one click away, and users can even easily print a one-page summary as a useful take away.

Users are free to browse and print information, but they are encouraged to also select programs they are interested in and add them to a personal success plan. Providers who opt-in can receive automatic notification of user interest and allow the user to sent their contact information to the provider, if they want.

The success plan contains a list of all the programs the user selected, in an easy to reference and automatically up-to-date format.

User's are free to complete profiles for other family members and add additional services and programs to their family success plan at any time.

EZSHS: The Administrator's Perspective

In addition to the "public" side of the system, EZSHS has a complete administrative interface that allows system administrators, program providers, community managers and family liaisons unique tools and access.

The system administrator has complete control over the system's content, with the ability to customize the programs, profiles, services, and all aspects of their platform. In addition, unique tools and reports are available to track the service delivery process and assist other system users as needed.

Providers can have full access to manage their program records, encouraging them to keep information updated and interact with families, including automated receipt of service requests and enhanced program search capabilities.

Family liaisons ("Advisors") can have holistic access to a family's data if they choose to release it. They are then capable to interact with the family's Success Plan and provide guidance and support.

Community managers can review reports and system metrics in real-time to identify areas of improvement, and to identify service gaps that exist. Trend data can be used to track impact over time.

A feature-rich solution

Your EZSHS solution comes standard with the following features:

  • - Complete ready-to-use web site and provider database system
  • - Robust search engine for keywords, service types, distance, directions
  • - Adaptive profiles that help families self-assess and learn about needs
  • - Analysis algorithms to make referral recommendations based on data
  • - Multi-language capable with easy interface for adding more languages
  • - Portal feature for grouping profiles and targeting demographic groups
  • - Data import and export with common databases and R&R systems
  • - Extensive online reporting, mapping, and custom data analysis services
  • - Fully integrated Content Management System for editing site text
  • - Simple controls for profiles, service types, question-service matching
  • - Real-time user feedback to identify outdated information and satisfaction
  • - Full administrative back-end for user management, data entry, reporting
  • - Integration with Google to index providers and expose resource information
  • - Fundraising solutions built-in: certified provider, donation buttons,etc.
  • - Roles for providers, family advocates, data analysts
  • - All systems include support and additional expert access is available